Concrete Countertops


Stogs concrete concrete countertops are the result of many years of research and development to create the finest and most durable concrete available. All of our products are created within our own facilities, allowing us to produce precision concrete pieces. Our standard mix design consists of traditional Portland and silica ingredients supplemented with special strengthening and crack-resistant additives. Pigments are blended in during the mixing process to provide a uniform color throughout the concrete. Steel reinforcement is also added to each casting for added strength and load bearing properties. Proper pouring and curing techniques also contribute to the quality and consistency of our products. Once cured the concrete is then diamond polished to a smooth satin finish. This provides a rich and consistent look accentuated by hints of fine aggregates and subtle irregularities. It is then sealed with our own penetrating resin system, leaving the concrete highly resistant to stains and wear.


  • Thickness: 2" standard for counters, 1" for backsplashes, custom thicknesses and lightweight cores available

  • Finish: Satin polished and sealed with our own proprietary stain resistant system

  • Colors: See our standard color pallet (unlimited custom colors available upon request)

  • Edge Profiles: 1/8" roundover, broken, bevelled

  • Pricing: Starting at $85sqft installed (additional delivery fees may apply due to location)

  • Custom design and shop drawings included with every order