Staining is a popular and cost effective solution for coloring and visually enhancing concrete flooring. It offers years of low maintenance use when applied correctly.  We offer it in many complimentary colors and stain patterns. Stogs Concrete Design is responsible for a proven process that delivers a reliable and durable product. We primarily use industrial grade coatings to protect your stained floors in order to deliver the most enduring product possible. Each floor is different and so is it’s a particular prepping application as well as its finishing. We begin every project with an onsite consultation and an evaluation to determine the proper product and application process for your flooring. We also educate you on the maintenance and flooring care procedures to help ensure your finish years of lasting beauty.


Arguably the ultimate in concrete floor finishes. We start by dry grinding and diamond polishing your flooring to a flat glossy sheen while chemically hardening the concrete at the same time. The end result is a reflective floor finish that won’t chip or peel and requires the least amount of maintenance of any floor in existence. This will be the last floor system you ever need to purchase. Design options go on endlessly as well. Add custom colors, score lines, intricate designs, or grind deep into the surface to expose hidden aggregates within the concrete. We can even assist you in designing and pouring custom floors with integral pigments and specialty aggregates embedded within (such as glass and marble) to create your own terrazzo creation. Simply in need of coatings removal, terrazzo restoration, or concrete floor prep? We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to complete any specialty concrete flooring need.


Occasionally floors are unsuitable for staining, coating, polishing or covering. This issue is usually due to an uneven foundation, a preexisting coating or simply an unbecoming appearance that cannot be corrected with stain. Whatever the case may be, we can apply a new cement overlay to your floors-from a few millimeters to inches thick. We create a uniform surface that will accept stain or integral pigmentation. Stogs Concrete Design also provides epoxy and urethane coatings for commercial, industrial, and all other high traffic applications. We offer premium durability and non-slip advantages for these environments.


We take pride in delivering floor systems that work as well as they look. Contact us for a free consultation and quote.