Getting Started:

Having your own custom concrete creation built is easier than you may think. In only a few steps we can transform your ideas into reality.


Send us your request. Feel free to draw inspiration from our photo galleries. Include a detailed description, drawings, photos, colors, mounting method (i.e. for sinks), etc. We also build concrete, wood and steel bases to compliment your custom concrete vanity. We will reply to you within 24 hours with a quote, recommendations and drawings if need be. 


Concrete samples are available in standard colors for $10pc. Standard colors are kept on hand for immediate delivery. Allow 1-2 weeks on custom colors.


Once we have finalized your design, we will typically bill you for 50% of the total. This can be paid through Pay-Pal or check. Upon deposit payment, fabrication will usually begin within 1-5 business days.


Fabrication takes about 30 days for counters and sinks. We keep an open exchange of communication during the process to ensure your product is built to your standards and that every detail is taken into consideration. Once your order is complete, we will send detailed photos to you to approve as well as your final invoice (for shipped items). 


After final payment, your order is crated and shipped to you or a local frieght depot. All orders are insured upon delivery and should be inspected for damage within 7 days to report a claim. Installation assistance is only a phone call away or have us install it for you.


We travel nationwide to hand deliver and install many of our specialty concrete products. Some of our installations require special mounting cleats and/or supports to enhance the overall design and structure. We will be happy to provide these items when applicable for a reasonable charge. Contact us to learn more of our installation services.

care and maintenance

Our custom concrete products are diamond polished and sealed with our own unique resin-infused system that provides high stain resistance while maintaining a natural look and feel, requiring minimal maintenance over the years. Here are a few steps to ensure its lasting aesthetic integrity:

  • Avoid cutting on or or placing hot pans and abrasives directly onto the surface.

  • Use only neutral cleaners or warm soapy water.

  • Occasionally wipe down the surface with a counter polish suitable for stone products to protect and enhance shine.

Concrete is an evolving substance, if in time scratches or chips occur on your surface from heavy wear or abuse, they can be easily  filled and polished to create the seamless look they were first installed with. Stogs concrete products are built to last and will most likely never need to be resealed. However, sealer kits are available if ever needed and they can be easily applied.  


Stogs warranties all products for 1 year from delivery against any defects or faulty workmanship. We guarantee proper function, structure and durability under normal and intended usage of products. Stogs will also service products if needed for a reasonable fee.